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Visit to the best tourist places of El Cajas National Park. Enjoy a panoramic view of the La Toreadora lagoon and the landscape in La Virgen and Tres Cruces.

$35 / por persona
4 to 5 hours approx.

Whether you are a pro climber or a newbie busting to develop your skills, our rock-climbing adventures will take you to “El Cojitambo” one of the best spots to climb close to Cuenca; it has around 180 routes of all levels. Come with your friends and family to spend a morning in this amazing ancestral…

$59 / por persona

An unforgettable experience filled with adventure, and the perfect environment to connect with nature. Enjoy these natural pools close to the Yanuncay River at 3,100 meters above sea level.

$46 / por persona
Full Day

Spend a full day of the countryside of Cuenca at “Rancho San Juan,” located only 30 min from the city in Tarqui highlands. Experience a 4km approx. Horseback riding tour through a pine forest, a lagoon and spend the day like a local. Enjoy the ride and the view!

$75 / por persona
Full Day

Experience a train ride through the Devil Nose Train route, which is classified as the most difficult train route in the world, a majestic engineering work, unique in the world, where zig-zag maneuvers are performed to descend the mountain. Enjoy the combination of adrenaline and history offered by a train tour in the beautiful town…

$64 / por persona
Full Day

Visita y enamorate de las asombrosas Islas Galápagos que constituyen uno de los parques nacionales más importantes del mundo y guardan celosamente la segunda reserva marina más grande del planeta.

$849 / por persona
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